Stage Fright

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Stage Fright is a perfect mix of natural amino acids and other herbs that may relax the nervous system.

  • Great tasting naturally flavored liquid
  • Helps a performer or presenter to relax and focus at the same time
  • No side effects
  • GABA (active ingredient) helps helps the brain maintain physical and mental balance

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Stage Fright is a great tasting naturally flavored tablet that helps a performer or presenter to relax and focus at the same time without having any of the side effects that accompany tranquilizers and muscle relaxants. It is a specially balanced blend of GABA -gamma-aminobutyric acid, L-Theanine and DMG-Dimethylglycine.

GABA is a key chemical in the brain that helps control the brain’s rhythmic theta waves, which helps the brain maintain physical and mental balance. Low levels or GABA deficiencies may negatively affect an individual’s ability to manage even the most low level stressful situations. This is crucial for the voice professional. Stress and anxiety are the number one factors that can affect the quality and clear delivery of the voice.

Stage Fright has just the right amount of GABA to help balance out the brain and allow the voice professional to perform at their relaxed best.

L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea. It actually may help to raise GABA levels. L-Theanine helps to promote a calm mood in people. The additional benefits of L-Theanine are that while helping to induce calm and easing anxiety, it does not make one drowsy or foggy like chemical relaxants can. In fact, it tends to help clear the mind and improve mental clarity and focus. Just what a voice professional needs during a show.

DMG may help with stress and is a nutrient with potential antioxidant properties. It is also may be a metabolic enhancer.

DMG helps to improve oxygen utilization, detoxification, cell protection and immune system modulation. It helps to promote circulation and improve oxygen utilization which may add energy and blood flow to the diaphragm and vocal mechanis, in addition to keeping the mind clear and sharp. It has the potential to help the body adapt to stress and may help make energy production more efficient, allowing for more relaxed and focused performance or presentation.

(Those on Lithium who are bipolar should be cautious in using DMG or TMG since they may lead to overstimulation and potentially lead to mania.)

*Stage Fright comes in a tasty chewable tablet that can be taken 20 minutes before a performance or presentation and have an immediate effect.

Individuals suffering from chronic anxiety should ask their doctor to test their neurotransmitter and hormone levels because each has a complex relationship with the other that can affect numerous functions in the body, including mood regulation.

*Individuals should consult with their doctor before stopping any medication or combining supplements with medications.

* This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Primary Uses: Anxiety, Nervousness, Performance Anxiety, Irritability, Hyper Tension


Anti Anxiety, Anti Spasmodic, Mood Enhancer

Serving Size:

2 Tablets

Servings per container: 30

**PLEASE NOTE: Before Use – Please Make Sure You’re NOT ALLERGIC To Any Ingredients.



Nothing on this website or any of the products sold on this website are intended to be medical advice, nor to cure any disease or illness and should not be suggested or considered as such, under any circumstance whatsoever.


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