Does Throat Spray Really Work?

Historically, singers and professional  speakers have used some kind of lubricant or Throat Spray to keep their voices moist while singing. This is not a problem as it helps the vocal mechanism to operate at it’s optimal level without getting to dry and forcing the performer to damage the vocal mechanism. If one has proper technique and knows how to pace themselves and sing correctly, there should not be a problem using a spray occasionally to help keep the throat and chords moist as well as open the throat.

Throat Sprays and their effectiveness 

The effectiveness of a Throat Spray comes into play when it’s contents are questionable. If the contents of a Throat Spray are chemicals that simply are used to numb the throat and vocal cords while singing, then it should never be used. This spray can damage the voice by masking the real issue at hand. Doing more harm than good. This can lead do many vocal difficulties as well as potential career threatening injuries. Another type of spray some performers use is a water glycerin type spray. This simply attempts to keep the throat moist, although it does not last very long and one may as well drink water, getting the same results.

Herbal Throat Sprays are the best option for singers and performers to use. Specifically Throat Sprays that use certified organic herbs and when the formula is built specifically for the throat, meaning with herbs that are used typically for the healing and repair of the throat. Peppermint oil is especially effective at opening the throat and sinuses, and breaking up mucus in the back of the throat as well as keeping the throat moist. If you need to use a spray such as this, it is usually safe to say that it can be used throughout the day as needed without having adverse affects on the voice.

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